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About Wormville

"From the ground up"

As of 2023 Wormville has been in business for 30 years and counting. 

Looking back at where we started we couldn't have done this without everyone who has supported us over the years and stuck by us the entire time. All of us here at Wormville cannot wait to see what another 30 years will bring but no matter what we are excited to walk through the years with everyone who loves Wormville bait as much as we do here at the farm.


Our Story

 Silverbait aka Wormville was founded in 1993 in an old chicken house that we rented for $100 a month in Georgia. 

It was there that we gained the knowledge to become what we are today. 

Since then we have expanded to have over 10 acres of buildings in which Wormville operates in Coalmont, TN. Coalmont is a small community centered city that is full of history. Little did we know when we started up Wormville here in this small town we would become a part of that history. Driving through Coalmont you may not even notice we are here but we do our very best to make a positive impact on our community by supplying as many job opportunities as we can as well as keeping our manufacturing process as green and organic as humanly possible. To do this we do more than just package and ship out worms. We make, use and reuse everything that is needed for the worm farming process including the machines, cups, worms, worm castings, and even the concrete that makes all of our buildings. We even store our old tires to use as insulation in our new buildings to decrease the amount of waste substantially that leaves the farm.  

We truly could not have acheived what we are today without the help of our amazing customers and staff. 

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