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Wormville red worms for fishing. Live bait. This cup is what is distributed to local bait shops and small family owned stores.
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Wormville Red Worms

30 count cups

"Freshly dug" Red Worms

Walmart Exclusive 

30 count cups 

Green - Red Worms

30 count cups

Are you a Distributor or Bait shop that wants our bait? 

Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

We have a high message rate so please be patient. 

The best time to send us a message is from 8:30am-3pm CST Mon-Fri

Wormville Nightcrawlers by Silver Bait,  LLC. We started supplying nightcrawlers to our customers in the summer of 2023. Our Night Crawlers for fishing are large and active.
Wormville Meal Worms sold in 25 count cups by Silverbait LLC out of Coalmont, TN.
Wormville Green Nightcrawlers. Wormvilles fishing green nightcrawlers are completely organic and are dyed green to increase visibility in merky waters.

Wormville NightCrawlers

Available in Local bait shops and convenience stores. 

Meal Worms 

25 count cups

Green - NightCrawlers

Available in Local Bait shops and Convenience stores. 


See what Bill Dance thinks! 

Wormville worm castings organic. Worm castings help to balance the PH balance in the soil leading to a healthier garden and yard.

Wormganic -

"Feed your Soil" 

What are the benefits of worm castings? 

Worms castings also known as vermicast are naturally PH balanced leading to a healthier soil. 

Water retaining to ensure your plants stay hydrated. 

Higher nitrogen level than most soils which slow releases aiding soil nutrition.

Worm Castings help prevent certain plant root diseases and also are a detirent for bugs such as Mites and Aphids. 

Are there any harsh chemicals? 

NO! Wormganic worm castings are entirely chemical and pesticide free.

Everything that went into making Wormganic was grown right here at Wormville, USA and is completely ORGANIC as the name says. 

Where can I purchase it? 

Wormganic is available in Nursery stores nation wide. 

If you are within driving distance of the farm you can also come purchase it by the yard. ( We do not deliver ) 

Wormville Gallery

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